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CPVC Sheets Details

 CPVC Sheets

 Names  CPVC,Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
 Colors  Grey Color
 Similar Plastics  PVC

CPVC Descriptions
CPVC shares most of the features and properties of its close relative, PVC. It is also readily workable, including machining, welding, and forming. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures, CPVC is ideally suited for self-supporting constructions where temperatures up to 200°F (93°C) are present. The ability to bend, shape, and weld CPVC enables its use in a wide variety of process applications including tanks, scrubbers, and ventilation systems.
- Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance
- High temperature resistance
- Good Fire Resistance
- Good electrical insulation
- Good thermoplasticity and membrane forming capacity
- Excellent weatherability
1. Electric tanks
2. Manifolds
3. Valve and pump housings
4. Fittings 
5. Piping systems
6. Cabinets and working surfaces
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