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Fiber Glass Sheet Details

 3240/FR4/G10 epoxy sheet

 Names  Epoxy,Fiberglass
 Colors  Yellow,Green,Black
 Similar Plastics  Bakelite

This product is a kind of laminated board formed through heat pressing after the electric industry fiolax cloth dips into epoxy resin. It is suitable as the mechanical, electric and electronic insulation structural components which are used under room and middle temperatures with a certain mechanical performance and electric performance requirement. 

-Excellent mechnical strength 
-Good insulation function 
-High temperature resistant 
-Stable size 
-Good ablity against acid ,alkali and solvent
-Hard and durable
-Good adhesive properties in the surface

• Cabinets .
• Railway
• Automobile
• Transformers
• Electric switches
• Control boxes
• Electric motors
• Medical appliances
• Household appliances

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