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Durostone CAS761 Alternative Sheet Details

 Alternative durostone CAS761 Sheet

 Names  Durostone Sheet,Wave solder pallet material,Reflow pallet material
 Colors  Black,Grey
 Similar Plastics  FR4 Epoxy Sheet

Durostone is a fiber-reinforced plastic for mechanical and electrical applications. With good performance against electric arc and tracking, it is an ideal material for solder paste printing,SMT process,reflow soldering and wave soldering.

•Good Anti-static property
•High strength and good machinability
•High temperature resistance
•Tight machining tolerance
•Chemical resistant
•Long life cycle

Durostone's function in PCB assembly
1.Avoid pollution due to human contact
2.Reduce disposal rate
3.Prevent PCB from bending
4.Standardize the width of production line
5.Impove producion capacity by using muti-functional fixtures
6.Cover the SMT parts at bottom,make the partial welding available

Durostone's function in wave soldering
It can keep its physical properties at increasing high temperatures. So it can reach high precision without any deformation. There are no layering, bubbles, deformation when working at 380 ℃ for a short time.

Besides supplying the material,we can also design pallets as per client's requirement. Below information are necessary for the pallet design.
1.2D drawing(.dwg or PDF) or 3D drawing(.STEPor .IGS) of wave solder pallets
2.Gerber file of  PCB bare board+ Loaded PCB sample(PCB board with electronic components)

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